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The Growth of PayPal

Creative growth is an important aspect of business. It refutes stagnation and helps keep a company’s business afloat. By providing constant challenges to the staff and management, a company is more able and willing to push boundaries further on what is possible. Part of what drives this creative growth is a passion for change. Without this passion for change and innovation, companies will usually fall to the wayside and under the shadow of larger more ambitious companies. It is companies like PayPal which push the boundaries of what we consider possible and by doing so, change the way we interact with each other.

Brief PayPal History

PayPal was founded in 1998 and entered the stock market with its initial public offering in 2002. The company is an online payment system used to purchase, sell and receive funds. By serving as an electronic replacement for paper payment systems such as checks and money orders, PayPal has revolutionized the way people purchase online products. With services that accept PayPal, no longer will a customer have to input their credit card information. PayPal serves as a safe third party transaction system that can help a customer dispute claims and reclaim their funds. After being acquired by eBay in 2002, the company rapidly grew in success. By 2014 PayPal was responsible for moving over forty percent of funds from eBay sales from over thirty different countries. This equated to over 6 billion dollars in sales.

A Safe Way to Buy and Sell Products Online

With users being able to operate with a safe third party handler for their funds internet sales changed rapidly. Because so many funds were being exchanged, a strong customer support team was required for when users would contact PayPal. Because being able to contact PayPal was so important, the company made it as easy as possible to communicate and solve issues. This allowed PayPal to be viewed as reputable company, increasing its share price on the stock market drastically. PayPal is one of the most popular online transfer systems in the world.

Sending or Receiving Payments Online Just Became Easier

One of PayPal’s unique features is is an individualized link that users can send to others to receive funds straight to their account. Another feature offered is currency conversion. By converting currency for its users, PayPal services become applicable in most countries. PayPal also offers a Bill Me Later credit service where users can make a purchase and pay the debt off incrementally.

Security and Online Safety Are Top Priorities

By offering users the chance to send their funds to a third party, it allows a certain sense of security as PayPal has become a household name. PayPal is constantly shifting and trying new features such as Student Accounts, which allowed parents to deposit money into their children’s accounts. This feature also came with a PayPal Debit card. Although this feature was discontinued, it shows PayPal’s willingness to expand and try new frontiers. By accepting new creative tasks and pushing the boundaries on their business, PayPal is a prime example of a business accepting and embracing a changing world. If you have other questions, simply go to